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Dipankar Ganguly
“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things”
-Edgar Degas (French artist)

Art Education: Self Taught from Ashok Ganguly and Sarbani Ganguly.

"Perak" ( a support group of cancer ) in Academy Of Fine Arts,Kolkata 2000,2001,2002,2003,2005 and 2006.
Krishna Sayar Art Gallery,BArdwan In 2002
Participated in A group Show in Time And Space Gallery ,Bangalore
Attended a work shop In Time And Space Art Gallery 2006.

First solo Art Exhibition of paintings from Aug 22nd – 26th ‘09 at Chemould Art GAllery

Collection In India,England,Hongkong.

It is said that “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” Painting for me has always been a constant process of discovering and rediscovering myself! The canvas is like a diary that records my dreams and nightmares, moments of inexplicable happiness and deepest fears that gives you sleepless pillows, my love and despair, and moreover my surreal thoughts pitted against the background of rigid reality that the materialistic world offers! Let me welcome you to my world where poetry can be seen, colors can be felt, love can be touched and fear can be framed!
If you see my paintings, the colors that will immediately impress you would be red and blue. Blue helps me liberate my soul and shape my dreams while red gives me a relief from the stress and anxiety the world burdens you with! Women appear and reappear in my pictures representing nature in her innocence, beauty, power, mystery and tenderness! In the picture “Innocence”, the lady stands as a symbol of purity not stained by the ink of desire and lust! The picture named ‘Surrender” tells you a story that human emotions like love and trust comes at a heavy price of responsibility and a sense of loss that may take your sleep away! In the picture “Mystery”, the illuminated and the dark shades of the face portrays the ambiguity of the human soul. I love to draw eyes that would lift you from the violent, chaotic and dark surroundings and put your soul in a trance where you can listen to the sweet music of flute flowing out of the canvas.

Another interesting observation that you may stumble upon while appreciating my paintings is the presence of Lord Krishna! You may also question me that why isn’t he looking like a “Lord” with sharp Aryan features that we are used to? Well, you may call him “the Lord”, but, to me he is an extension of my inner self that desires to protect the innocence and spread the magic of peace in this violent world! He is the one with whom I can identify myself and become a part of my creation. You would also notice the angels in my paintings having wings so that my dreams may fly above the stench of reality into the sublime world of serenity where they can blossom to radiate the fragrance of love! Flowers like the Lotus remind me of the beauty and purity attained by struggling through the mud of the materialistic world, swimming in the water of knowledge and reaching the surface of enlightenment! If you look further into the background of my drawings, you would see that they are fairly close to the subjects and quite prominent in nature! It’s because, to me, the background should be pretty firm and concrete to allow you to build the foreground of your imagination.
While trying to gauge the perimeter of my imaginations that sharpen my pencils and color my canvas, I must confess in the words of renowned French artist Edgar Degas: “Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.”
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