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Ravi Kattakuri

1997 - 99 - M.F.A. Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharathi University, Santiniketan, West Bengal, INDIA.
1993 - 97 - B.F.A. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.


2011 - NIV Art Centre, International Artist Residency Program. New Delhi, India (July Sep).
2010 - HIVE Camp International Artist-in- Residency Program, Seoul (Cheongju) South Korea. (Sep- Nov).
2010 - Himalayas Art Museum International Artist-in-Residence Program, Shanghai, China. (June- July).


2010 - Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China.


2012 - FremdeBlicke 53rd exhibition. Munich, Germany.
2009 - X- Power Gallery Art Wind Rises Beverly Hills. CA, U.S.A.
2009 - Trans National Exhibition of Art Osaka, Japan. Organized by Ligare Gallery, Shanghai, China.
2008 - Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China,
2007 - Henry Moore Gallery, the Royal college of Art, London. Emerging India Organized by Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi.
2002 - Rang (Colour) Contemporary Indian Paintings, California, U.S.A.


2013 - Arushi Arts Untold Stories New Delhi.
2013 - Ayya Art Galleries, Chennai.
2013 - M.E.C Art Gallery Dolls and Dreams New Delhi.
2010 - Culture by Yourself HIVE Camp Space A Gallery. Seoul (Cheonju), South Korea.
2009 - Exhibition Hall, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda.
- Shrishti Art gallery, Hyderabad.
- Easel Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2008 - Sarjan Art Gallery - Vadodara.
2007 - Hotel Palm Beach - Visakhapatnam.
2006 - Shrishti Art Gallery- Hyderabad.
2005 - Dakshina Chitra Art Gallery- Chennai.
2003 - Shrishti Art Gallery- Hyderabad.
2002 - Prithvi Art Gallery - Mumbai.
2001 - Visakha museum- Visakhapatnam.
- Nandan Gallery Santiniketan - West Bengal.
2000 - Threshold Art Gallery- Visakhapatnam.
1999 - The Center Art Gallery- Kolkata.


2012 - M.E.C. Art Gallery, Exploring the Visual India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
2012 - Art Chennai 2012 Organized by Ayya Art Galleries, Chennai.
2012 - Creative Idioms Curated by Seema Subbanna at DLF Promenade, New Delhi
2011 - Gallery Ensign kindling Expressions New Delhi.
2011 - Cymroza Art Gallery and Ayya Gallery, presents. Symphony- A Journey in Art from East to South Mumbai.
2011 - NIV Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2011 - Bangalore Art festival, Bangalore.
2008 - Easel Art Gallery, Lines Beyond Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi.
2008 - M.E.C. Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008 - Visions On line Gallery, Mumbai.
2007 - M.E. C Art Gallery By the waves New Delhi.
2007 - Art Alive Gallery Generation Next Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
2007 - M.E.C. Art Gallery, Endearing Palette Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
2007 - Galleria Navya. Dakshinayan New Delhi.
2006 - Lanxess ABS Gallery, Vadodara Panchamadhi I & II.
- M.E.C. Art Gallery, Collective spaces India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
2005 - Gallery beyond, Mumbai.
- Gallery Art Resource Trust, Mumbai.
2004 - Espace Gallery Margi & Desi curated by Dr. Alka Pande in Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
- Art Alive Gallery Colours of the Heart New Delhi.
2003 - Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai.
- Art ways South Eastern Railway Kolkata, Traveling Exhibition.
Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Nagpur and New Delhi.
2002 - Surya Gallery, 7th & 9th Anniversary Exhibition, Hyderabad.
- CIMA Art Gallery Brahma to Bapu in Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
2001 - CIMA Art Gallery Works on paper Kolkata.
- Regional Art Exhibition, Chennai, organized by Kerala Lalit Kala Academy, Cochin and Chennai.
- A.P.State Exhibition, Hyderabad.
2000 - Art Today Gallery, New Delhi.
- National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Jaipur.
- Hotel Grand Bay and Curiosity Art Gallery, Visakhapatnam.
- Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai.


2001 - Taj Mahal Hotel, Preview Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai, Organized by Concern India Foundation. Mumbai.

Work Shops:

2013 - National Workshop, Organized by A.P. Tourism, Visakhapatnam.
2013 - East Coast Railway Ten Years Glorious Puri.
2012 - Blue Strom Workshop Organized by Prajna Associates Presents,Visakhapatnam.
2010 - L.V. Prasad Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam.
2007 - IVY, League Academy, Hyderabad.
2006 - National Sculptors Camp organized by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority, Visakhapatnam.
2005 - National Workshop, Pachimadhi.
2003 - Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Centre, Chennai.
2002 - ART WAYS organized by South Eastern Railways, Kolkata.
2001 - Indian Contemporary artists workshop organized by Threshold Art Gallery, Visakhapatnam.


2012 - Conducted International Artist Residency Program at NIV Art Centre, New Delhi.
2012 - Founder & Conducted Visakhapatnam Beach Art Festival at Visakhapatnam.


2000 - 2002 - National Scholarship, Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi.
1999 - Kanoria Centre for Arts Scholarship, Sep. Dec.
1998-99 - Telugu University Scholarship, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
1997 - Merit award, Dept of Fine Arts, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
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