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Suhas Kumar Hore
Suhas Hore did his bachelor of visual arts from The Indian college of arts & draftsmanship under Rabindra bharaty university in kolkata. After finishing his study, responding to Mr.Eric Gustafson, the director of prestigious parke-bannet auctionhouse ( now sothbys) during the 1970, Suhas Hore finally came to know the new way of looking at art.

In his both drawings & paintings, suhas Hore attempts to mediate between the fancy, factual & figurative moods. He uses similar type line and color method. In technique and effect, the Paramount impact is of simplicity and directness. His works have undertones of life, culture And something new qualities of drawing.

Suhas Hore works to mature his style in trying to communicate the warmth of globalization. He combines the colours with an unique but simple signature forms.
A distinct subject blended with animal & human figure creates an unique signage
To Suhas works which gives a certain spontaneity that parallels the funny cheer.

Suhas Hore focuses more on funny moments based on global arena without any
Geographical boundaries. He has illustrated the funny moments with his fantastic use of
Contrustfull colours & new style of bold figurative drawing.

The universe he offers us through his paintings is happy & uncomplicated

A brilliant colorist Suhas Hore has done several shows in India.


Academy of fine arts, kolkata, 2006.
Academy of fine arts, kolkata, 2007.
Birla academy of art & culture, 2009 .


Gallery 54 , Chandigarh, 2007 .
Gallery zapan Chitra, kolkata, 2008 .
Mon art Gallery ( web show) .
Ahuja museum for art,2010.


Ahuja Musium for arts.
Corning S.A.S , America.
Simplex Projects India Limited.
Indian Tobacco Company.
And also many private collections in Delhi, Bombay & abroad like Newyork, Newzersey, London,Istambul, etc.

Suhas Hore looks forward to evolve creatively, face challenges innovatively and continue to make painting on the road of unique style and excellence. He lives & works in kolkata.
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