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G. Manoharraja
B. Sc. , in Visual Communication from College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai 1979 -84

1992 Chola Sheraton Chennai
1993 Rafic Art Gallery, Madurai
1994 Vimonisha Art Gallery , Chennai
1994 Rebon Art Gallery, Chennai
1995 Lalith Kala academy, Chennai
1996 YWCA New Delhi
1997 Egmore Museum, Chennai
1998 Galleriea Exhibition Centre, Chennai
2000 Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai
2000 Focus Art Gallery, Chennai
2001 Pallazo Art Gallery, Chennai
2002 Lakshimi Ethraj Gallery, Chennai
2002 Raffles Hotels Arcade, Singapore
2003 Balgandarva Art Gallery, Pune
2003 Lakshimi Ethiraj Art Gallery, Chennai
2004 Suchitra Gallery, Kala Mandir, Mysore
2005 Chitra Kala Parikshath, Bangalore
2006 Ayya Art Galleries, Channai
2006 Lalith Kala Academy, Chennai
2007 The Covenant Point, Chennai
2008 Ayya Art Galleries, Channai
2008 Lalith Kala Academy, Chennai
2008 C P Art Centre, Chennai
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